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What is the main purpose of making Arya Samaj Panditji website?

Our main objective is to provide a platform to the priests freely associated with the Arya Samaj propagation work. Arya Samaj Pandit website has been formed with the spirit that we could support them through this online portal.
Today a lot of mythological priests online on the Internet are also doing puja work by calling themselves, Arya Samaj Purohit. It was necessary that we too could stop visiting them on the online portal and make the service of Arya Purohit accessible to every person connected with Arya Samaj.

What services are provided by this portal?

We provide pandit for puja services at your place. All our services are based on Arya Samaj and Vedic principles.

If I am a priest of Arya Samaj, can I work by connecting to your portal?

Of course, you can contact us about this. But keep in mind that you are working independently. Because earlier we have told us that our aim is to connect the priests working independently.

I am currently doing priestly work in Arya Samaj Mandir, so can't you join my portal?

No, you are aware that thousands of Brahmachari Shastri come out every year from the Gurukuls. Some start further education from the university for the Acharya, but many intellectuals start the priestly work for the promotion of the Arya Samaj. Due to the low number of Arya Samaj temples and no vacancy for the priest, they start work independently. You will also be aware that they have to face many problems in the initial period. If we can help them through this portal then it will be a matter of pride for us and in this way, we will also keep them connected with Arya Samaj.

You can make a booking for a marriage at Arya Samaj Temple?

No, we can help you connect with the Arya Samaj temple near you. You have to go to the Arya Samaj Mandir for marriage related booking.

If we invite your priest to conduct marriage puja at our venue, will you give the Arya Samaj certificate?

Through us, the service of Panditji is available only to complete the process of marriage through Arya Samaj law. We do not give any marriage certificates. We book the same marriage ceremony in which parents of both parties are present. After the marriage process is completed by the priest, Panditji will provide his ID proof for the government marriage registration. After which you can get the marriage certificate from the government marriage registration process.

If you want a marriage certificate issued by Arya Samaj Mandir, then for this you will have to go to your nearest Arya Samaj Mandir and make a booking.

After Puja, the Dakshina is given to Panditji, Do you give us any slip?

The Dakshina you offer to Panditji after worship is his own. This amount includes Puja Dakshina, puja materials brought by them and travel expenses, etc. Pandits do not provide any slip related to Dakshina to Yajman, you would also know.

If we want to donate to Arya Samaj Sansthan or its other subsidiaries, would you accept it?

As we have told you earlier that we are not related to the Arya Samaj Sanstha, therefore we cannot take the donation amount provided by you, but will provide you appropriate advice so that you can visit Arya Samaj or its other subsidiaries and provide it from your hands.

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